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becoming Feral

Digital & Print publication  published & designed by Objet-a Creative Studio


Chrysalis  lepidoptera

Becoming connotes the recurrent act of deconstructing boundaries between bodies, constructing malleable new edges in which both identities exist simultaneously - a continual performance of immanence and difference... Becoming-feral constitutes a line of flight away from individuated and subjugated life forms, which are policed by the logistics of human exceptionalism, towards the messy mystical multiplicity of a world in common, a world of shared and multitudinal ecologies. - Chessa Adsit-Morris, becoming Feral

now imagine

you’re a caterpillar

filmy eyes,

wet creased wings

slushy slop
becoming—Feral is a creative research publication which aims to investigate the complex relationships between human/other-animals and the shifting categories of wild/feral/domestic, set within landscapes constantly being altered by global transformations of climate and capitalism. We are interested in exploring reciprocal and responsive multispecies reactions to the act of becoming-Feral.

The becoming—Feral Digital Collection acts as a companion collection to the print publication, presenting multimedia and extended entries of video art, audio/music, interviews, and photographic essays.