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The Blue Parrot

Solo Exhibition + Residency

Chicago, IL
March 5 & 8


The project was made possible thanks to the support of Emilio Williams and Dr. Robert Murphy


windshields, steel, projection, garage
garage installation

The solo exhibition, Collabiosis culminated a multi-month  artist residency at the Blue Parrot in Chicago, IL.

/kəˈlabi ōsis|

A process or condition of collapsing together.

Collabiosis is an invented word that comes from combining - collabi ( the etymological root of  collapse and collaboration) and  osis (a suffix denoting a process or condition of change). Utilizing a wide range of materials which include: locally sourced clay, windshields, projection, and steel spoons, the multi-room installation investigates  transformation, perception, and time, highlighting the relationships between deconstruction and construction, chaos, and order.

This exhibition was my and manys last gathering of 2020. The installation remains  haunting  me, the title like a  premonition.