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The Blue Parrot

Solo Exhibition + Residency

Chicago, IL
March 5 & 8


Collabi “to fall together”, shared root of collapse and collaboration and “osis” a suffix denoting a process or condition

This installation presents a spectral reordering of grids that lay beneath Chicago’s material and discursive history. The exhibition consists of three works installed throughout The Blue Parrot.

The project was made possible thanks to the support of Emilio Williams and Dr. Robert Murphy

Collabiosis, Handmade Brick

Handmade Brick consists of unfired spheres and ash held in iron spoons protruding from a brick wall in  the entrance way of The Blue Parrot. The clay was collected from various construction sites in Chicago.

Field Notes:
Clay collected from  various locations throughout Chicago Metro Area: Milwaukee Ave, Division, Christiana St, Windy City Antique Brick Company etc.