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Glass Curtain Gallery

Third Coast Disrupted: Artists + Scientists on Climate

Group Exhibition

Chicago, IL
Sept 10-Oct30


River of Shadows, Liquidation

porcelian casts made from dead plants collected from the street cracks of Chicago, held by spoons made from smashed pennies and steel stakes, video projection , &  packets of water retaining native plant species

Third Coast Disrupted: Artists + Scientists on Climate is an exhibition of artworks culminating a yearlong conversation between artists and scientists centered on Climate Change impacts in the Chicago region and beyond.

Participating Artists: Jeremy Bolen, Barbara Cooper, Hector Duarte, Rosemary Holliday Hall, N. Masani Landfair, Meredith Leich, Andrew Yang

Participating Scientists: Elena Grossman, MPH; Daniel Horton, Ph.D.; Abigail Derby Lewis, Ph.D.; Aaron Packman, Ph.D.; Katherine Moore Powell, Ph.D; Desi Robertson-Thompson, Ph.D., Phil Willink, Ph.D

Field Notes: